Create a Gallery Wall

Categories: Art Installation

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A popular and versatile trend, gallery walls work well in both business and home.

Grouping several pieces together can fill a large wall space as well as make a dramatic statement. Let your clients see your accomplishments in a gallery wall of professional certificates or industry awards. Wow your clients with a gallery wall of completed projects or create an employee recognition wall.

The easiest way to create your gallery wall is to cut blocks out of kraft paper or newspaper and lightly tape to the wall. Play around with the shapes to create a harmonious grouping. Don’t be afraid to try different layouts. Shown in the photos are three different approaches.

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Fun prints grouped together at a Pediatric Clinic. The frames open to allow the art to be changed as your little Picasso creates their next Masterpiece.

Series of photographs illustrating diversity in the workplace in a symmetrical design.

Elegant prints grouped in an asymmetrical design.

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