How To Design One Print, Three Ways

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Ever been confused when confronted with the endless design choices when visiting your custom framer?

Here are three design solutions for this “Hummingbirds” print:


Traditional designs work well in business environments: law offices and financial institutions for example.

Traditional=classic carved or panel frame, fillet on the inside of the mat dates back to the 18th Century, white, off white or muted gray mat.

3waydesign1The Traditional approach combines Biltmore, a carved dark gold frame and matching fillet to accentuate the top mat. Three crisp, white mats highlight the print by Katrina Whitney.


Contemporary designs work well in hospitality environments working to provide a punch of color paired with more earthy, muted tones.

Contemporary= straightforward frame with minimal decoration, saturated colors, bold definitions of color.

3waydesign2The Contemporary approach combines a saturated olive green top mat, a creamy jonquil middle mat to lighten and a dark espresso bottom mat to accentuate the graphic nature of the print. Antica frame in charcoal rounds out the design.


Monochromatic designs work well in health care environments as it is a calming and peaceful design.

Monochromatic= all one color throughout the design. Could also be defined by slightly different shades of the same color.

3waydesign3The Monochromatic approach combines three clean, white mats and Brimfield frame that draws the eye in to the print. A dramatic display that makes the art the true focus.

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